6 x 8 jig,
The Dream Dovetail Jig is made of durable steel, precision cut , milled and drilled to ensure that every joint is a perfect match for its counterpart.

The jig determines the amount of overhang on your joints, the gap between your logs or timbers, as well as the angle of the joint. Jigs can be custom- made for any of the parametres.

Once the jig is installed on the log, cutting the dovetail joint becomes foolproof. Using the Dream Dovetail Jig not only ensures perfect results every time, but dramatically reduces the time it takes to build a log or timber structure.

Jigs are built for any reasonably sized round log or timber. The jig on the left is for a six inch by eight inch timber, with a 2 inch overhang, a half inch gap between logs and an 8 degree angle to the dovetail joint.

Jigs are supplied with a set of precision-cut aluminum glides that attach to your chainsaw bar. The glides ensure that accurate cuts can be easily made and they prevent the chain from coming in contact with the jig.(Patent Pending)

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