Round logs take more time to prepare. Each must have a scarf cut on each side of each end of the log (Four scarf cuts on each log).

Each log is an individual, so the jig must be moved between cuts to maintain the width of the lateral groove. By making this modest shift, there is less waste of time and wood. In the photo at left, you'll notice that the lower right face is smaller than the face immediately above it.

Although round logs take a little extra planning and effort, a round log building with dovetail corners is absolutely stunning!

This is the simplest way to build a building using the Dream Dovetail Jig. Have your timber supplier cut the timbers very accurately, preferably with a band saw.

All you have to measure is the centre of each log and attach the jig. You should be able to cut two complete, finished dovetail joints (one at each end of the log) in about seven minutes.

The photo at left shows how tight and precise the finished joint is. This is a detail photo of the playhouse featured on the home page.

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